Our Home Organizing Services and How They Work

Home organizer Santa Rosa

Donna Declutter’s professional organizing services include home organizing, whether it’s your garage, kitchen, closets, home office or the entire home.

Once we clear away the clutter, we’ll set up systems to help you stay organized. It's easy to use so you know where to look for things, where to store things and when to let go.

We’ll even cart away a car’s worth of stuff for donations after every visit and provide you with a receipt for tax deduction.

Different Ways We Can Work with You

As a Santa Rosa organizer, we customize our services to help you organize your home in the way that works best for you. Below are several options to choose from.

Sorting it Out

We can work with you to sort through the piles. whether it’s too much clothes, papers, years of accumulation of stuff, we can help you make decisions about what to keep, discard, or organize so you can find it when you want it.

DIY Plan

If you want a do-it-yourself (DIY) plan, we can use our expertise to design a plan of action to get you started. Then you take it from there, using our support only when and if you need it.

Personal Assistant

If you too busy to do it yourself but need to get it done, we can begin with a consultation. We find out from you what we need to know so we can act as a personal assistant, do the work and just ask questions here and there to keep the process going.

If you need help with rearranging your space, putting in custom closets or shelving, we know how to get it done.  Our goal is to remove the stress and have you say “aaaahhhh” when you walk into your home!

Want to get started? Contact us for a free consultation.

“Thanks so much for giving me back my wardrobe and my closet space–both were in danger of disappearing!

Seriously, it is so nice to reach for something to wear and find it clean and unrumpled.

I’m very grateful and especially appreciate your managing to finish in a day and leave my already stuffed calendar some unexpected free time.”

–Mrs. Gross