Office Organizing Services: Transforming Your Workspace

File Stack, file folder with white background

Professional organizing by Donna Declutter can help you create a well-organized office to help make you less stressed, more efficient and more productive.

We develop a customized practical organization system that is easy to implement plus storage solutions for papers and supplies.

Whether you have a home office, a company cubicle or executive offices, it’s important to create a comfortable space that allows you to focus on the work and have more control over your work environment.

Office Organizing Systems

Our professional organizing services include systems for:

  • Paper sorting/discarding/filing systems
  • Electronic filing and document management
  • Paper and email management
  • Action items
  • Supplies and inventory management

Now the Office is Like a Sanctuary

“After years of throwing anything and everything into the extra bedroom/office, I could no longer walk in there to get to the desk.

Donna Declutter came in and organized absolutely everything.

It’s like my little sanctuary now instead of a big mess.

I love the renewed sense of calm in that space.”
–Laurie Lynn