About Santa Rosa Organizer Donna Declutter

organizer-donna-declutter-donna-rosesIf you are considering professional organizing, Santa Rosa specialist Donna "Declutter" Roses can help. She originally started Decluttering Solutions Now! several years ago when some family friends were downsizing from their home after 40 years of building memories in one, big house.

It was extremely difficult for them, physically and emotionally, to decide what to save and what to part with.  We knew they needed the help of someone with a gentle yet practical approach to sorting through all of it and creating order.

Since then, Donna has focused on helping people who need to move, especially if they are elderly and need local loving support to help clear out their homes they have lived in for many decades, staging, packing and unpacking after the movers drop everything off.

Donna has had many clients with home offices that needed to be purged of paper and then systems set up so they could manage the constant incoming paper flow.

Donna's Professional Background and Memberships

After a diverse career in marketing, meeting planning and advertising, finding the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) led Donna to feel like she found herself.  With the help of NAPO and the North Bay Organizers and Coaches (NBOC) in Santa Rosa, Donna has a wealth of local resources and educational opportunities to help her continue to expand her expertise as an organizer. She is also an affiliate member of the North Bay Association of Realtors in Sonoma County.

As a professional organizer and member of NAPO, our code of ethics requires us to keep all client information confidential.

“The satisfaction it gives us to help take away our clients’ stress brings us joy--and them relief.” --Donna Roses

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