Professional Organizing for Seniors and Senior Moves

To transition elderly CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100parents into a retirement community, nursing home, or even into their children’s own homes or to experience the death of a loved one can all be emotionally draining and overwhelming.

Donna Declutter can help with the following:

Whether downsizing into a retirement home, senior living facility, nursing home, hospice or clearing out the family home following a death, we have the experience and caring professionals to manage the details, including:

  • Working with the family to create a plan for the move or sale of the home
  • Inventory of belongings and vital records
  • Help with disbursing heirlooms to family members
  • Unpacking and organizing new space
  • Overseeing the sale of property, work with the realtor, moving company, estate sale, general cleanout, donations of valuables as chosen by the family

Took the Stress Out of Leaving Home

“A few days before the movers were supposed to come, we were still paralyzed by indecision about what to keep and what to give up.

Donna Declutter’s amazing team came in with their easy-going, tough love approach for packing and moving.

It took the stress away from leaving our old home and made unpacking much easier at our new home.  What a great service!

–Ellie and Richard